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Graham Stadium prepares for major renovation — Page 7 

Aftermath of tragedy 

Justin Glover 

News f-djfcr 

Since the attacks on multiple 
cities across the Middle East 
as well as Paris, France, by the 
Islamic State on Friday, multiple 
experts and world leaders have 
begun to weigh In on what the 
attack means for France and the 
rest of the world, particularly 
the United States. 

The Islamic State, meanwhile, 
released a video Monday 
taunting Western viewers, 
especially those in the U.S. 
The video also claimed that the 
group’s next target would be 
Washington, D.C, 

“] swear to God, as we struck 
France in its stronghold; Paris, 
we will strike America in its 
stronghold, Washington,” an 
unnamed ISIS fighter said in 
the video. 

In France, as the rebuilding 
process begins, the national 
government is being spurred 
into action. Francois Tlollande, 
the president ol France, called a 
rare joint meeting of the French 
Parliament in orctcr to urge the 
assembled lawmakers to extend 
the country's state of emergency 
by three months. 

"We are not committed to 
a war of civilizations, because 
these assassins don't represent 
any civilization," President 
Hollandc said in his speech to 
Parliament. "Wc arc in a war 
against terrorism, jihadism, 
which threatens the whole 

The attacks are the second 
major terrorism incident to 
affect Paris this calendar year. 
On January 7 of this year', two 
suspects armed with various 
weapons including assault rifles, 
forced their way into the offices 
of satirical magazine Charlie 
Hebdo, killing a total of 12 
people and injuring a further 
11 . 

Across the world, many 
countries have ;ioined France 
in mourning the more than 
150 dead as a result of Fridays 
attacks. Many global landmarks, 
from the London Eye to the 
Sydney Opera House to the 

One World Trade Center in 
New York City were lit with 
the colors of the trieolorc, the 
French national flag, in the 
days following the tragedy as a 
sign of solidarity. United States 
President Barack Obama, 
speaking shortly after news of 
the attack broke, condemned 
the actions of the attackers. 

The violence in Paris 

represented "an attack not just 
on Paris, not just on the people 
on France, But an attack on 
all humanity," said President 

Other world leaders have also 
expressed their responses to the 
tragedy. United Kingdom Prime 
Minister David Cameron said 
on Saturday that the UK 
would be prepared to lend any 

aid necessary to France. 

"Tour values are our values, 
your pain is our pain, your fight 
is our fight,’’said Cameron. 

German Chancellor Angela 
Merkel said at the G2Q Summit 
in Antalya, Turkey on Sundav 
that the unity of the world's top 
nations in the face of the attacks 
is a signal of strength in the face 
of adversity. 

"We here at the G20 summit 
are sending a resolute signal that 
we arc stronger than any form 
of terrorism, said Chancellor 

Pope Francis I also 
condemned the attackers, 
calling the vile nee "intolerable” 
and “an affront to the dignity of 
the human person. 

"Such barbarity leaves us 
dismayed and wc ask how the 
heart of man can conceive and 
realize such horrible events that 
have not only disturbed France 
but also the whole world,” said 
the pope. 

As Paris and the rest of the 
world recovers from the sudden 
tragedy of Fridays attacks, the 
question becomes where to go 
from here. 

Multiple experts have been 
debating the ideal next step for 
the LTnited States and its allies 
for several days. 

Shadi Hamid, a senior fellow 
at the Project on U.S. Relations 
with the Islamic World at the 
Brookings Institutions Center 
for Middle East Policy and 
the author ol Temptations of 
Power: Islamists and Illiberal 
Democracy in a New Middle 
East, said in an article on CNN. 
com that the key is to avoid 
iallincf into the Islamic State's 
"trap of forcing a clash between 
followers of Islam and the rest 
of the world. 

"They [IS] want to exploit 
growing anti-Muslim and anti- 
refugee sentiment to push a 
narrative that French Muslims 
and Western Muslims more 
generally will never be fully 
accepted by their countrymen,’ 
said Hamid. 

Meanwhile, CNN" television 
host Farced Zakaria said that 
the Islamic State's tactics revolve 
around intimidation, and that 
Its effectiveness depends as 
much on the world s reactions 
to it as its implementation. 

"If we are not terrorized then 
it doesn’t really work," said 

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November 19 r 2015 




The City of Love ! receives love from around the globe 

Tw Pacer staff would like; 
to send our most sincere 
condolences to those affected in 
Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Mexico 
and Japan in light of the recent 
terrorist attacks and natural 
di sasters, 

Nov, £3, 2015 was a day of 
chaos and destruction. Natural 
disasters and terrorist attacks 
seemingly swept the globe with 
no warning or anticipation, and 
it accounted lor the deaths of 
over 115,200 people on this 

Earthquakes shook the nations 
of Mexico and Japan. Terrorist 
group ISIS took credit tor the 
attacks on Beirut, Lebanon and 
Baghdad, Iraq, What seemed 
to tremendously hit home lor 
Americans, however, were the 
ISIS attacks on our oldest ally, 

Photo Credits/ 

Several locations In Paris 
were almost simultaneously hit 
by ISIS, including a hostage 
situation in a concert venue and 
a cafe explosion. Tic attacks 
resulted in a death toll ol 132 
people, one being a U.S. college 
student studying abroad. 
Terrified people scattered 
and tried to escape the chaos 
around them, Thanks to social 
media, those who used the 

hash tag #PortcOuvertc opened 
their homes to others stranded 
tram the attacks. Cities across 
the globe lit up important 
buildings in blue, white and 
red to show their support tor 

Many have attempted to 
make the attacks into a political 
agenda and argued tirelessly for 
one side or the other, but this 
is not the time for pointless 
bickering. If anything, this is 
the time to stand united against 
those who oppose a life of 

Constant bickering and 
divisive arguments solve 
nothing, Crippling fear solves 
nothing. As President Franklin 
D. Roosevelt famously 
said,"There is nothing to lear 
but fear itself” If wc show 
that wc are too divided and 

too afraid to live our lives free, 
then the terrorists are winning. 

It is also important to 
realize that these terrorists 
arc extremists, and that their 
actions are not condoned by 
the vast majority in the faith 
that they claim to follow, just 
as the majority of Christians 
do not condone the actions 
of groups like the West boro 
Baptist Church. This also 
goes for people making this 
a political argument about 
immigration policies and 

During this time, w r c need 
love more than anything else. 
In the words of Dr, Martin 
Luther King, Jr., ‘‘Darkness 
cannot drive out darkness; 
only light can do that, Hate 
cannot drive out hate' only 
love can do that." 


Justice versus ethics: Which is more important? 

Ashton Priest 

Viewpoints Editor 

In recent news, "hacktivisC 
group Anonymous le aked 

rivatc information from 

undreds of people regarding 
their connections to the Ku 
Klux Klan {KKK). 

Anonymous has long been 
notorious for using their 
technological knowledge to 
bring justice to the public, 
targeting a. wide variety of 
groups from adulterers and 
pedophiles to racists. They've 
even declared war on ISIS 
after the Paris, France attacks, 
Though their moral compass 
appears to be of good intent and 
nature, the legality and ethics of 
these situations are very much 
in question. 

* Vigilante justice” is defined 
as taking a situation into 
your own hands, regardless of 
legal authority. In this case. 
Anonymous backed into 
multiple private accounts on 
various social media such as 
Faeebook in order to publicly 
leak the identities of KKK 
sympathizers, including 

several who turned out to be 

public government officials. 
Tie "haektivist" group might 
have thought they were 
rightly justified bv bringing 
sympathizers and racists to the 
light. However, the law takes a 
different twist on it, 

According to the Digital 
Media Law Project, a person 
can be sued for publishing 
private information about other 

people, even if the information 
is true, These leaks came from 
members' personal social media 
pages, which happened to be 
connected to private groups 
belonging to various KKK 
chapters. So why do we praise 
leaks like this and others, such 
as the Ashley Madison hack, 
and not the actual law? 

Vigilante justice allows tor 

others to expose the darker 
parts of society. People love to 
see justice being served. These 
hacks and leaks, the theory 

ocs, allow those members to 

e ridiculed for the deviance 
they participate in today's 
culture. To those who support 
them, Anonymous and other 
similar "haektivist" groups are 
comparable to modern-day 
Robin Hoods. 

Tie federal law states that 
exposing the individuals, as 
well as the hate crimes being 
committed, are illegal. Everyone 
is entitled to privacy, and others 
need to respect that. It shouldn't 
matter what groups or activities 
these individuals arc interested 
in because it’s ultimately their 
personal life. 

When,however,does personal 
freedom cross the boundaries 
of hate? Doesn’t federal law 
actually allow hate groups to 
flourish rather than simmer? 
Should morals and ethics mix 
in these situations? For these 
questions, there really isn’t an 
answer. When it comes down 
to it, there are only two true 
stances to choose from based 
on personal consciousness: 
moral justice or lawful ethics. 

The Christmas craze is already upon us 

Chancer Farmer 

Co-f xecofrve Editor 

Why do people go so 
overboard at Christmas? More 
importantly, why do people 
have to go so overboard almost 
two months in advance? 'Tis 
the season to be crazy, or so it 
would seem. 

It seems like the Christmas 
season begins earlier and 
earlier each year. I mean, 
it's pretty ridiculous when 
Walmart starts putting out 
Christmas decorations even 
before Halloween. Its the 
middle of November. We 

haven’t even gotten through 
Thanksgiving yet, and there's 
already 50 stations on the 
radio playing Christmas music, 
2 million Christmas related 
commercials on television, 
tacky Christmas saveaters on 
store shelves and a partridge in 
a pear tree. 

People go absolutely bonkers 
even before the holiday season 
begins, Halloween was barely 
over, and there w r ere Christmas 
decorations already going up 
on houses, 

I know 1 sound like the 
biggest Scrooge, but can we 
be honest with ourselves for 

a minute and just think, "Hey, 
are we going a bit too far?” 

I actually love the holiday 
season. It is the one time in the 
year where there’s a little less 
anger, violence and pointless 
bickc ring and a little more 
compassion, charity and good 
will towards men. However, I 
also love Thanksgiving, and I 
really wish I could get through 
Thanksgiving without being 
absolutely bombarded with 

It’s also disgus ti ng to me wh a t 
the holiday season has been 
turned into to a large degree: 
a marketing opportunity. 

Countless companies use the 
season just to get an edge on 
the competition with various 
sates or "holiday deals." They 
try to make you think they 
care, when in reality, all they 
care about is your money, 
Regardless of whether you're 
Christian or not, Christmas is 
a beautiful holiday. It's many 
things to many people. It’s a 
time of giving and love that 
wc don't sec at any other point 
in the year. I just wish we 
wouldn’t go so overboard with 
it so soon and that it would 
be treated as more than just a 
sales opportunity. 

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November 19,2015 


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Viewpoints _ 


Mizzou students show change is possible through peaceable protest 

Skylar Free man 

Assjtanf AST Editor 

The Yik-Yak threat isn’t 
the first racial incident that 
The University of Missouri 
has experienced. In 2010, 
thousands of cotton halts were 
placed outside ol the black 
culture center, and in 2011, a 
racial slur was spray-pain ted 
on a statue. University of 
Missouri faculty and students 
have had enough. 

A group ot minority former 
facility members at the 
University of Missouri said 
the school must make changes 
to retain a diverse staff and 
address racial problems. 
The MU Former Faculty of 
Color released a letter late 
Friday, Nov. 13, to support 
students protesting what 

they call a racist environment 
at the predominantly white 
Columbia campus. The 
statement was signed by 
nine former employees, all 
doctorate-holding former 
assistant, associate or full 
professors at the school. 

Concerned Student 

1950 is a group of student 
activists concerned about the 
university’s failure to address 
racial inequality and social 
injustice. The group takes 
part ol its name from the year 
the first black students were 
admitted to the University 
of Missouri — 1950 — but 
pronounces the numerals as 
1-9-5-0. 11 students lead the 
group, and have said that some 
ol its goals include bringing 
more focus to minority 
student enrollment, creating 
initiatives to hire more faculty 

and administrators of color, 
and providing better mental- 
health resources lor students. 
Concerned Student 1950 has 
led protests and camped out 
on the university's Carnahan 
Quad since Nov. 2. 

Wolfe issued a statement 
apologizing for his reaction 
at Missouri’s homecoming 
aradc when the Concerned 
tudent 1950 group 
pproached bis car. "My 
bch avior seemed like 1 did 
not care. That was not my 
intention. I was caught olf 
guard in the moment,he 
wrote. H I am asking us to 
move forward in addressing 
the racism that exists at our 
university — and it docs 

Jonathan Butler, a Mizzou 
graduate student who is 
part of Concerned Student 

1950, began a hunger strike 
to protest racially motivated 
incidents on campus and to 
demand the resignation of 
Tim Wolfe, the Missouri 
System president. 

Butler s hunger strike Lead to 
more than 20 football players 
at the University of Missouri 
deciding not to participate 
in any practices or games 
until Wolfe’s resignation or 
termination was granted. 

President Obama chimed 
in on the recent protest at the 
University ot Missouri during 
an exclusive interview with 
ABC News Chief Anchor 
George Stcphanopoulos. 

"There is clearly a problem 
at the University of Missouri, 
and that's not just coming from 
students. That’s coming from 
some faculty, the president 
told Stephanopoulos. "I think 

it is entirely appropriate for 
students in a thoughtful, 
peaceful way to protest 
what they &cc as injustices 
or inattention to serious 
problems in their midst.” 

"I want an activist student 
body just like I want an 
activist citizenry, and the 
issue is Just making sure that 
even as these young people 
are getting engaged, getting 
involved, speaking out that 
they’re also listening," he 
added.‘ I'd rather see them err 
on the side of activism than 
being passive." 

Tim Wolfe resigned Nov. 9, 
and since then, the faculty and 
students have been coming 
up with new tactics to get 
their voices heard, not Just on 
campus, not just tor the state 
of M issouri out lor everyone, 


Thanksgiving: A time for customers to come together 

Rachel Moore 

Guest Mutter 

This holiday season, many 
retail workers may find 
themselves eating on the go 
or not actually having a day 

In the past, Black Friday 
sales did not start until the 
morning at ter Thanksgiving. 
In recent years though, 
these sales have gone far 
earlier than those mornings. 
Door-buster savings arc 
now occurring on the 
Thanksgiving holiday. This 
pre-Black Friday shopping 
is taking the entire holiday 
away from retail workers 
and taking a large amount 
of locus away from giving 
thanks and putting it on 
savings and good deals. 

In sympathy to employees 
who would like the holiday 
off, several stores have made 
their closing more public. 

The Inquisitr has released 
an online article showing 
which stores are open and 
which are closed, it even 
specifies hours lor the large 
department stores. Some 
ol the stores listed on that 
website are Nordstrom, 
Staples, Gamestop, Lowe’s, 
Barnes and Noble, Harbor 
Freight Tools, Pctco, 
Pet smart, Marshalls, TJ 
Maxx, Homcgoods. Costco, 
BJs, DSW, Bed, Bath, and 

Beyond and Babies R Us. 

PEI is taking it so far as 
to say they will not be open 
on Thanksgiving or Black 
Friday. However, these stores 
standing out is not stopping 
major retailers like Target, 
Walmart, and Best Buy from 
remaining open. 

Many employers claim to 
be open on Thanksgiving 
as a matter ot convenience 
as opposed to being open to 
make more money, But how 

many consumers arc actually 
giving up their holiday plans 
to go shop instead of sitting at 
home eating. The question is 
not onlv for retail employers, 
but also for restaurant 
service members who may be 
asked to work on holidays as 
well. Coming from the food 
service industry, this writer 
can say it’s no fun to have to 
work on a holiday. Last year 
I drove three hours, from my 
extended family's home, to 

o to work right after I ate 
rcakfast on Thanksgiving. 
I celebrated with my family 
two days later when I could 
finally request a day off from 
work. My family Christmas 
festivities ended at 11 a.m. 
because I was forced to 
work that holiday as well. 
Restaurants may differ from 
stores, but there are plenty ol 
retail workers who feel the 
same way and have been in 
the same kinds ol situations. 

Gathering deals may seem 
like an important and thrifty 
way to spend the holiday, 
but the deals can wait until 
the day of Blaek Friday. It’s 
important to remember to 
set aside at least one day to 
be with friends, family, or 
loved ones. If you do choose 
to go out this holiday season, 
remember that the employees 
wit ere you are shopping have 
families too.Try not to make 
their lives any harder. 


Move over, Scrooge: here comes Starbucks 

Kristina Shaw 

G oest Writer 

It is hard to believe so 
much controversy has come 
about because of a cup, and a 
paper one at that. Yet the new 
design of Starbucks' holiday 
cup has some Americans 
angrily foaming at the mouth. 

The company has come 
under fire for its seasonal cup 
bccausc-wait for it—it is plain 
red. The humanity! Though 
the cup’s white lid makes it 
arguably reminiscent of a 
candy cane, it does not feature 
the typical picturesque 

Christmas designs of its 

Regardless of the facts 
that the coffee chain uses 
Christmas Blend coffee and 
has festive "Merry Christmas" 
gift cards for sale, some 
Christians are crying out 
that Starbucks is attacking 

Evangelist Joshua 

Fcucrstcin, one of many 
disgruntled customers, voiced 
his opinion in a Faecbook 
video that has since gone 

"1 think, in the age of 
political correctness, we 
so open-minded 

[that] our brains have literally 
fallen out ol our bead," said 
Fcucrstcin. In the caption 
of his video, Fcucrstcin said 
that "Starbucks removed 
Christmas from their cups 
because they bate Jesus.” 

In the clip, he revealed 
his plan to stick it to the 
company: telling the workers 
that It is name is "Merry 
Christmas." By doing this, 
employees not only have 
to write the sentiment on 
the cup, but say it aloud as 
well. Fcucrstcin called on 
viewers to do the same, and 
to show their support lor the 
movement by taking a "coffee 

sclfie” and posting It on 
social media with the hashtag 
#M e rr yC h r is tm a&S t a rbueks. 

The company’s website 
says that the plain cup was 
inspired by customers who 
draw their own designs on 
the collee cups, and calls 
consumers to "create their 
own stories." 

"Creating a culture ol 
belonging, inclusion and 
diversity is one ol the core 
values ol Starbucks, and each 
year during the holidays 
the company asms to bring 
customers an experience that 
inspires the spirit of the season," 
said the coffee provider. 

in light of this so-called 
"Cupgate," it would also seem 
that other establishments 
have looked to benefit. For 
example. Dunkin’ Donuts 
launched its own holiday 
design for its Styrofoam cup. 

The million dollar question 
is: what is wrong with 
being inclusive of different 
religious views? Why would 
a true Christian be bothered 
by this? And what exactly 
do things like reindeer, 
ornaments and snowmen 
have to do with Christianity 
and Jesus, anyway? 


November 19,2015 




Benefits of travel study 

Matthew Cullen 

Executive Editor 

Every student at UTM, 
regardless of their major, 
must take at least one foreign 
language class. Those of you 
who have already taken one 
will be familiar with the 
professor trying to sell you 
on a trip to another country, 

It sounds scary; you don’t 
know the language or the 
culture. You may not have 
even been outside of the 
United States before. 

It can also be expensive. 
Dr. Charles Hammond, 
Associate Professor of 
German at UTM, said that 
this is the most common 
reason he hears from students 
who don't go on a travel study 

"That is why I began a 
home stay program in 2004, 
which easily cuts the cost of 
the travel study by more than 
50%. Since that time, the 
japan and France travel study 
programs have followed 
suit, 1 ' said Dr. Hammond. 
'T am routinely able to help 
students go to Germany, 
stay with a host family all 
expenses paid for around 
S1000 after the student 
receives funding from the 
SGA and other sources." 

The re are also payment 
plaits that could help some 

I attended the travel study 
trip to Germany this past 
May. I am a German minor, 
but 1 am far from fluent, so I 
was very nervous about going, 
lean read German fairly well. 

but 1 hadn't heard very many 
native speakers, so 1 didn't 
know r if I could understand 
what anyone was saying. 

When I arrived f however, 
my fears were unfounded. I 
was more comfortable than 
I thought I would be, and 
my listening comprehension 
was better than I thought 
it was. Even the first- 
semester German students 
on the trip had little trouble 
communicating with the 

Dr. Hammond said, "By 
living in a host family, 
students can improve their 
foreign language skills in a 
total-immersion setting." 
He's right. My German had 
improved in just the 10 days 
1 spent abroad, 

I was able to see so many 
amazing things while I was 
there, I visited an actual castle 
at the top of a mountain 
overlooking a small town. I 
saw a church that was built in 

14XX {that's twice as old as 
the United States!). I've been 
to tiny villages that look like 
something out of a fairy tale. 

It was all real, legitimate 
stuff that wc Americans 
can so easily dismiss as 
stereotypes. Germans really 
do love sausage and all kinds 
ot meats. They arc incredibly 
efficient and punctual. The 
Autobahn is re ally, really fast. 
It's all true, and it's all worth 

Dr. Hammond said, 
"Spending even a short time 
abroad also makes you a better 
citizen in every sense of the 
word, [You become] A bet ter 
American citizen because you 
begin to understand how we 
are perceived as a people. 
And [you are] a better citizen 
of the world, because you 
begin to realize that others 
who may speak a different 
language or follow different 
customs arc nonetheless our 
brothers and sisters!" 

Page 4 

Raising awareness 
one beard at a time 

Ashton Print 

Viewpoints f ditor 

Have you noticed the lack 
of clean-shaven men on 
campus? What they may 
think of this manly fad is 
more than just growing the 
coolest beard or mustache 

No-Shave November and 
Mo vem her arc annually 
practiced by men and women 
around the world. These 
movements encourage men 
to grow the burliest beards 
and/or mustaches and women 
to go shave-free by not 
shaving facial/icg hair. They 
encourage people to start 
conversations about cancer to 
raise awareness. 

No-Shave N ovember is 
a month-long movement 
that raises awareness for 
cancer patients who lose 
hair due to chemotherapy 
trea tmen t.s. The m ove men t 
encourages that people use 
their expenses that would 
go towards shaving and 
grooming supplies to donate 
tor educational purposes, 
research and aid for cancer 

The Movcmbcr foundation 
is a non-profit organization 
that raises awareness for 
men's physical and mental 
health. It educates and 
informs the public on 
prostate cancer, depression 
and other illnesses among 
men. The money raised goes 
to educating the public and 

Pheto Creoit/wikipeda.ccm 

researching new ways to 
combat these physical and 
mental illnesses and help the 
men that experience them. 

These organizations put 
a twist on the ways they 
raise awareness about 
cancer, cancer patients and 
their statistics. Faecbook, 
Instugram and other social 
media sites are flooded with 
selflcs of facial hair with 
various hashtags regarding 
the organizations.The 

presence of social media 
has helped reach many 
across the globe to broaden 
the movements to other 

However, some people 
have forgotten the meaning 
of No-Shave November and 
Movcmbcr and have solely 
turned these meaningful 
movements into contests 
seeing who can grow the best 
beards and/or mustaches, 
without emphasizing the 
importance of how these 
eon tests came to be. 

Remember that while 
November is the month 
to grow and nurture the 
beasts that arc beards or the 
bushiest mustaches, w r c also 
need to remember the real 
reason these organizations 
came to be in our society: 
cancer awareness. 

The online mask: not all is as it seems 

Chelsea Monroe 

Staff Wntor 

In a world ot the "online 
persona," how do we ever 
know who is real and who is 
hiding behind a mask? 

In the modern society ot 
2015, social media is, for 
many people, a crucial part 
of life. It is very rare to hear 
ot someone who does not 
have a Twitter, Instagram 
or (especially) Facebook, 
From grandparents to friends 
you haven't spoken to since 
the second grade f you arc 
connected with virtually 
everyone you have ever come 
in contact with. Though 
you are called * friends" or 
"followershow well do you 
really know the people you 
connect with online? More to 
the point, how well do they 
know you? 

These “friends 7 ' see your 
face smiling in front of 
national monuments, dressed 
modestly and completely on 
your best behavior. To them, 
your life looks like one grand 

adventure bouncing around 
from event to the occasional 
trip to Starbucks mixed 
in with a sclfic that you 
probably retook four times. 
Your online network sees you 
speak in only inspirational 
quotes, song lyrics, and witty 

comments. For some people, 
th is could really be the way 
they live. If you're anything 
like me h life is way messier 
than I allow' my social media 
presence to seem. 

Lately, there have been 
many situations of social 

media icons coming out 
with posts revealing how 
completely imperfect their 
lives really arc. They have 
gone back and commented 
on posts that captured their 
life looking flawless and shed 
light on what was really going 

on that day. Not only that, 
but icons like Essena O'Neill, 
a teenage girl who rose to 
Internet fame via Instagram, 
confessed to feeling pressure 
to always appear that she had 
it all together. 

This sad truth is not only 
the case for those who are 
considered ’famous" through 
social media, hut even tor 
average teens and young 
adults. Even students on 
this campus have admitted 
to iceling pressure to seem 
like they are living the "true 
college experience ,* when in 
reality they feel like they arc 
missing out on something 
everyone else is experiencing. 

Instead of focusing so 
much on creating this perfect 
image of ourselves for our 
distant relatives, classmates 
and honest friends to see, we 
should all follow O'Neill's 
lead and be true to ourselves. 
It doesn't matter what 
platform you arc presenting 
on. Let go of the pressures to 
be anything other than you. 

November 19,2015 




Exxon Mobil accused of suppressing climate change research 

Justin Glover 

News Editar 

Exxon Mobil, the largest 
producer ot natural gas in 
the United States, has been 
accused of suppressing in- 
bo use evidence of global 
climate change, according to 
the BBC, 

New York' s attorney 
general has sent the company 
a request for internal 
information, including 

emails and financial records, 
The company has yet to 
comply as oi this writing. 
However, Exxon Mobil has 
stated that the allegations 
are ''inaccurate distortions." 

"We unequivocally reject 
the allegations that Exxon 
Mobil has suppressed 
climate change research,'" 
said Kenneth P. Cohen, vice 
president for public affairs 
at Exxon Mobil, Cobcn also 
said that the company has 
staunchly supported climate 
research since the 1970s. 

This subpoena comes on 
the heels ol allegations in 
October that the company's 
in-house scientists bad 
determined the presence and 
impact ol climate change 
several decades prior to its 
entrance into the public 

stream of consciousness, but 
that the company -suppressed 
the results ol the studies. 

According to the New York 
Times, several people have 
spoken under the condition of 
anonymity regarding the case, 
saying that the investigation 

could spread to multiple other 
large fossil fuel companies, and 
that attorney generals from 
other states may serve Exxon 
their own iniormation requests. 
No further subpoenas have 
been issued as of this writing. 

"Tliis could open up years 

of litigation and settlements 
in the same way that 
tobacco litigation did, also 
spearheaded by attorneys 
general," said Brandon L. 
Garrett, a professor at the 
U iii i vc rsity o f V i rgi n ia Sc ho o 1 
of Law in an interview w r ith 
the Times- 

"In some ways, the theory 
is similar — that the public 
was misled about something 
dangerous to health. 
Whether the same smoking 
tins will emerge, we don't 
now yet." 

in a separate case, Peabody 
Energy, the largest coal 
producer in the U. S., has 
reportedly been under 
investigation by the attorney 
genera! for tire past two 
years into its potential 
suppression of climate 
change information. 

This investigation has not 
been reported until present, 
and thus lar has not resulted 
in charges for the company. 

Jackson school system's Vision 2020 to clear blurry areas by December 

Laura Cr&ssetf_ 

Assistant News Edrtar 

Vision 2020, a project 
by the Jackson—Madison 
County School System 
(JMCSS) to reinvent its 
public school structure, will 
be put tin for a final decision 
before Christmas. 

Regular meetings will 
continue through the month 
of November and on into 
early December. The final 
Vision 2020 plan, it passed, 
is to be implemented 
beginning in the zQl6-2Gl7 
school year. 

JMCSS has been under 
attack in recent years 
regarding its school policies, 
and has been looking 
into changes to its entire 
infrastructure in order to 
try to improve the local 
education system. 

Public meetings regarding 
the project began in April 
of this year. the changes 
proposed by Vision 2020 will 

affect all students enrolled in 
ublic schools in thejackson- 
1 adison area. According to 
the city of Jackson's website, 
that number includes 
approximately 14,000 

students contained in 15 
elementary schools, as well 
as five middle schools and 
five high schools. 

Since the conception of 
the 2020 Plan, the primary 
objective has been to 
maximize utility of schools’ 
resources in order to offer 
the most learning resources 
for students in the Jaekson- 
Mad ison County School 

"A significant majority of 
schools arc operating at 50- 
75 percent utilization, and 
over 120 Million in basic 
facility maintenance and 
transportation needs have 
been identified,” according 
to the projects official 

The proposed plan calls 
for subsidizing of schools 

for a higher efficiency of the 
current school system budget. 
Optimally, the results oi this 
plan would include making 
the most of certain current 
schools, a smaller budget 
by not maintaining unused 
areas and the addition of 
new faculty with the money 

Some schools would be 
closed, and the students 
transferred to other 
schools within the district, 
Others would simply have 
certain changes made to 
them that might help 
their functionality. Pope 
Elementary School, tor 
example, could be expanded 
to accommodate grades 
kindergarten through eighth 

The idea of closing schools 
has caught the negative 
attention of teachers in the 
area. In particular, the closure 
of jacks on Central Merrv 


in east Jackson sparked 
protests in September, 

with approximately 50 
participants rallying outside 
of town hall. Teachers cited 
the school's role of providing 
several crucial local summer 
programs in place oi more 
harmful behaviors as a key 
reason to prevent its closure. 

Anticipating this, 

spokespeoplc for the 2020 
Program said that the 
committee has had and 
will continue to have open 
meetings where the next 
step in the program will be 

Another issue some have 
been fearing is the loss of 
teachers w r itb the change 
of the schools structure. 
Dr. Verna Ruffin, tbe 
superintendent of Jackson- 
Mad is on County Schools, 
said that fears regarding 
the downsizing of teacher 
positions are unfounded. 

"We wall maintain or 
increase our ratio of teachers 
to students as part of any 
reorganization, so we wifi 

need more teachers, not 
less." said Dr. Ruffin. ‘We 
will hire for administrative 
positions strategically 

during tbe next two years 
so that wc naturally reach 
the appropriate number 
of principals, assistant 
principals and other support 
stall over tbe next two years." 

Teachers have also 
voiced their disapproval 
of the increased strain of 
transportation for relocated 
students, faculty and staff. 

No decisions on the 
program's fate have currently 
been made final. Officials 
say a dialogue between 
the JMCSS and concerned 
citizens is still ongoing. 

Decisions for 2Q2J) arc 
scheduled to be finalized 
during a meeting on Dec. 10 
at 6 p.m. 

For further information, 
dates and. details about plans 
set in place can be found on or by 
calling (731) 215 - 2686. 

Fighting for the fine arts important for rising college students 

Chance Fanner_ 

Co-Executive Editor 

Over the past decade, there 
have been constant reports of 
fine arts programs being cut 
in schools around the country, 

When there is a lack of 
funding, the arts programs are 
usually the first thing to go, 
Although they tend to be seen 
as less important, studies have 
shown the academic benefits 
of art and music programs. 

In a report titled "Arts 
Education in Public 
Elementary and Secondary 
Schools: 2009-10^, 

Education Secretary Arne 
Duncan said, "Low-income 
students who had arts-rich 
experiences in high schools 
were more than three times 
as likely to earn a B.A, 
as low-income students 
without those experiences. 
A study from the National 
Endowment reports that 
low-income high school 
students who earned few or 
no arts credits were five times 
more likely not to graduate 
from high school than low- 
incomc students who earned 
many arts credits." 

Though things look grim 
for fine arts programs in 

some areas of the country, 
there arc new measures that 
ensure the arts programs 
will be available to students 
across the nation. 

In July, 2015, the U.S. 
Senate passed the Every Child 
Achieves Act, which names 
music and the arts as core 
subjects. TMEA (Tennessee 
Music Education Association), 
tbe state's chapter of the 
National Association for Music 
Education (NAfME), sent a 
delegation of educators and 
students from Austin Pea State 
University and the University 
of Tennessee at Martin to lobby 
for the bill. 

"The music education 
community has poured its 
blood, sweat and tears into 
getting the Senate's bill 
to this point,” said Chris 
Wood s i de, N AIM E Ass i s t an t 
Executive Director. "More 
than 14,000 letters have 
been sent to Capitol Hill on 
behalf of music teachers and 
students. There is bipartisan 
support for music and arts 
in this legislation—senators 
from across the country are 
acknowledging that these 
subjects should be national 
education priorities. 

That’s really big, and were 

As for enrollment in the 
fine arts programs at UTM, 
recruitment is thriving, 

"Re ccntly, we were able 
to go to the Music City 
Invitational in Nashville with 
the Sky hawk Marching Band 
and play in front of several 
hundred spectators and 
prospective students. It's a 
great recruitment tool, being 
able to do stuff Like that ana 
having the full support of the 
administration like wc have," 
says Dr. Bill Waterman, 
Associate Professor of Music 
and Director of Athletic 

November 19,2015 


Page 6 


Ai Roker, Ihe meteorologist for NBC's morning program “The Today Show' 1 , visited Discovery Park of America in Union City, Raker's visit was 
part of his record-setting journey across the United States, Pacer Photos (l-f)/Chanc e Farmer, Matthew Cullen, Lynchey Hays left 

National meteorologist takes Union City by storm 

Lynchey Hayslett 

Managing Editor 

AE Rakers Giuni(ic‘£s World 
Record-setting national tour 
wrapped up on Friday in his 
home state ot New York 

Rokcr, meteorologist for 
NBC’s Tic Today Show, set the 
world record for iastest time 
to report the national weather 
forecast from alE 50 states and 
the District of Columbia, taking 
a singtc week to travel across the 
[lusted States and deliver the 

forecast while also promoting 
and calling for donations to 
Feeding America, 

Raker is no stranger to the 
record book. Last year, he set 
the Guinness World Record for 
longest uninterrupted weather 
broadcast, delivering the 
weather live tor 34 consecutive 

The project, tided "Rokerthon 
2: Taking America by Storm," 
made its Tennessee stop at 
Discovery Park of America 
in Union City. The stop was 

Roker's 26th of the trip, 
making Tennessee the state 
that pushed the project over the 
halfway point. Koker rode into 
Discovery Park on a 1957 tire 
engine, where he was greeted 
by hundreds of fans shouting, 
“AVe want Al!"After bis weather 
forecast, Rokcr marched out 
with the Union City High 
School Marching Band playing 
‘"Rocky Top. ” 

Many hours of planning 
went into making Rakers stop 
a success. After Cindy Dupree, 

PR Director for Tennessee 
Department ol Tourist 

Development, told Today 
Show producers that they 44 had 
to come to Discovery Park of 
America," the wheels were set in 
motion. Things moved at a fast 
pace from that point on. 

"We had time to have one 
planning meeting,' said Mary 
Nita Bondurant, Marketing 
Director at Discovery Park of 
America. With less than two 
weeks' notice of Roker's visit, 
the crew at Discovery Park of 

America had to figure out to 
make the all-important visit 
happen while still keeping it top 
secret. To the team at Discovery 
Park, all ol the hard work was 
well worth it. 

"The national, regional and 
local publicity that this event 
generated is amazing." said 
Bondurant. "We could never 
have bought this amount of 
exposure. We are thrilled. ' 

To donate to Feeding America, 
visit www,fcedingamcrica. org. 

Congress takes another try at 
rewriting No Child Left Behind 

Some retailers push for employee 
happiness this holiday season 

Laura Crossett 

Assistant News Editor 

With the National Retail 
Federation reporting 

approximately 92,1 million 
consumers raking part in post- 
Thahksgiving sales and deals, lot 
most Americans "Black Friday" 
is simply a term synonymous 
with shopping trips lasting as 
many as 24 consecutive hours. 

Surprisingly, however, die 
actual Black Friday sales events 
have been moving progressively 
closer to Thanksgiving for the 
last couple of years. Following 
this trend, some stores even have 
their doors open for business on 
Thanksgiving, before the turkey 
has even had a chance to cool 
Tire National Retail Federation 
reports a 27 percent increase 
from 2012 of people shopping 
on Thanksgiving Day. 

For many diis represents, 
a change in the common 
perspective of Thanksgiving, from 
a holiday dedicated to family 
to a shopping mania, but for 
many workers the new tradition 
physically withholds them from 
dicir planned family festivities. 

While Thanksgiving week lias 
always been a lucrative week for 
many businesses, some retailers 
have made the decision not 
to partake in Black Friday or 
Thanksgiving sales this year. 

The majority ol retailers 
making a change have elected 

to stay open for Black Friday, 
but not Thanksgiving.'"[his trend 
is taking off In popularity, with 
a wide range of stores closing 
their doors for Thanksgiving this 
year. These businesses include 
Nordstrom, Lowe’s, Baines & 
Noble and Sam's Club, among 

A select few retailers arc taking 
this a step further by not even 
opening the next day. Mostly 
smaller, family owned stores 
arc taking the more cmploycc- 
tricndly route of closing on this 
Black Friday, such as MadCat of 
Wisconsin, which will be closed 
for the entire day on Black Friday. 

One especially notable retailer 
is trying to make a stand by 
ignoring Black Friday. REI, a 
Seattle-based store which sells 
recreation and sports goods, 
is dosing the doors to its 143 
store locations this Black Friday, 
Tic business is also pkiuiing 
to pay its 12.000 employees for 
the day despite not being open, 
and encouraging them to have 
fun outdoors with their families. 
“For 76 years, our co-op has been 
dedicated to one thing and one 
thing only: a late outdoors," said 
Jerry Stritzke, the CEO of REI. 
“We believe that being outside 
makes our lives better, and Black 
Friday is the perfect time to 
remind ourselves of this essential 

REI has even gone so far as 
to delay online orders made on 

Black Friday Instead, the orders 
will be processed on Saturday, 
Tic company has coined the 
bashtag #OptOutsidc as a 
catchphrase for this movement. 

Another dealer for outdoor 
apparel and goods has also 
followed in REI's footsteps by 
closing their doors on the most 
busy shopping day of the year. 
Outdoor Research is using the 
day to show their thanks by 
giving a monetary contribution 
to the organization Paradox 
Sports, which is designed to help 
those with physical handicaps 
participate in outdoor activities. 
For every photo of customers' 
outdoor activities posted on 
Twitter while tagging Outdoor 
Research (C?C)RGcar), die 
company will donate 310 to 
Paradox Sports. 

In addition to those companies 
closing for the entire day. certain 
retailers have opted to open later 
titan die wee hours on Black 
Friday with similar intentions. 
Staples and Gamestop have 
both elected to not begin Black 
Friday sales until 6 a.m, so that 
their employees and customers 
can enjoy Thanksgiving without 

Most stores closed for 
Thanksgiving will still have 
their websites up for shopping 
purposes on Tianksgiving and 
Black Friday, for those who don't 
want to face the crowds. 

Associated Press 

CtmgreR? is pressing ubead with 
effort--- to update the much-'criticiv.ed 
No Child Left Behind education Law 

A bipartisan conference committee 
of about two dozen kwrnaikecE met 
Wednesday to work on compromise 
Wtdgfi nn that merges two different 
education bUb that passed die House 
and Senate in July, war, after the 
Bustoera law was supposed to be 

Republicans and DomcralE 
since then have made some progress 
developing a framework to use to 
negotiate a new bill. 

The framework would maintain 
the education law's t ederaily-required 
annual tests in reading and math in 
grades 3 through 8 and (Mice in high 
school But it also would dramatically 
lessen the federal role in education 
policy bv returning to the states the 
powcF to determine whether ,md 
how to use those tests to assess tlie 
performance of schools, teachers and 
students - instead of having federally 
prescribed school improvement plans. 

"One-size-fits-ill federal policies 
dictating accountability and school 
improvement are eliminated," said 
Rep. lobn Kline, R-Minn., who 
wifi kad the conference committee. 
“Demins ^ineffective and duplicative 
programs are repealed. New ;rnd 
unprecedented restrictions Lire 
placed*on the secret,Try ofeducation's 

For esampk, the E due a tie in 
Department may not mandate or give 
stales to adopt or maintain 
any particular set of standards, sucEi 
as Common Core. Tie college and 
career-ready curriculum guidelines 
were drafted bv the -states with the 

support of the admunistratxm but 
have become- a rallying cry for those 
seeking a smaller federal footprint 
in education anti some parents 
confounded by some of tlie new 
concepts being taught. 

The framework, however, docs 
include acocHjntabiJity measures 
important to Democrats who 
believe that anv new education Liw 
ensure tbaL ;ill students, no matter 
tbeiF race and background, hanc the 
opportunity for a quality education. 
Lor the nations Imvest-pertbnning 
schools, states would have to intervene: 
and action plans would have to be 
designed to support schools and 
narrow achievement gaps. 

Many of the lawmakers at the 
conference committee meeting said 
the compromise framework Isn’t 
perfect,but is still away forwaicL 

"It’s not what I would have done on 
mv awn And it’s not what any single 
member of this conference would do 
on his or her own," said Democratic 
Sen. Ratty Murray of Washmgtou 
" Wfe’ve buikun our two-bills mid made 
a number of key improvements. 15 

In July, the Senate tJierwhdmingly 
approved its wrsfon of" the education 
legislation, li week after the House 
narrowly passed a more conservative 
measure 1 . 

Congress has tried lor wars to 
update the law. 

it expired in 2007, though its 
mandates remained in place. Critics 
have complained lliere is too much 
testing and the law Ls too punitive tor 
schools deemed to be failing. In 2012, 
the Obama administratksre began 
issuing vv.livers 1st dozens of states to 
get around some of die law's strictest 
reepiiiumcntH when it became dear 
they would not be met. 

November 19,2015 



Where is athletics fee actually going? 

Jared Peckenpaugh 

Sports Editor 

Over the last few months, 
there have been many 
questions surrounding the 
increase of the athletics lee, 
which added an additional $50 
to every students tuition. 

Since then, many questions 
have been arouseregarding 
where that money was going, 
what it was being spent on, 
and was any of that money 
going towards the new 
stadium project. Hopefully, 
this article will answer any 
questions that the general 

public has regarding the 
increase in the athletics fee, 
Over the summer, Athletics 
Director Julio Frcirc addressed 
the athletic department’s budget 
issues and the reason tor the 
increase in the athletics fee 
As I mentioned earlier, 
each student needed to pay an 
additional §5Chwhich multiplied 
by the rest of the student body 
would equal around $500,000, 
Tl iis money will be divided up to 
help with many different areas 
inside the athletic department, 
Over the last fourvears, as the 
amount of students attending 
the university went down, so to 
did the fee that athletics were 

receiving before the increase, 
since the 2010-2011 school 
year, the athletic department 
went from receiving £2,081,,874 
to receiving £1,791,957 
this previous school year, a 
difference in 5289,917, Having 
seen this trend, the athletic 
department decided to preserve 
575,000 of that money to help 
with the projected decrease in 
the student lee. 

S 165,000 of that increase 
went towards paying for three 
new positions within the 
athletic department. With 
the growth of the athletic 
department over the last 
few years, it was important 

that UTM had a full-time 
compliance officer that will help 
the student athletes. Also, this 
year the NCAA mandated that 
every university have strength 
and conditioning coaches, 
UTM was one of the rare 
colleges that had ?ero strength 
and conditioning coaches, so 
some of that 3165,000 went 
towards two new strength and 
conditioning coaches. 

3140,000 of that money 
is going towards Sports 
Operations. That money 
goes to each individual team 
to help them with travel 
costs, it helps coaches go 
out to recruit new players, 

properly equip their teams 
and help them train. 

3100,000 of the fee will go 
towards unbudgeted positions 
and expenses and £20,000 will 
go into program adjustment, 
Zero percent ot those dollars 
are going towards the new 
stadium renovations. That 
money lor the stadium has 
come mostlv irom donations, 
gifts and game guarantees, 
which is money that the 
football team made irom 
competing at large venues 
against bigger programs, such 
as the University of Arkansas, 
Mississippi, Kentucky and 
Mississippi State, 

Top, an artist's rendition of how Hardy Graham Stadium will look from the 
field when the upcoming stadium renovation is complete. At right is a 
rendition of how the new stadium pressbox will look from the parking lot. 
Above, thus «s how the stadium currently looks. J Renditions courtesy Sports 
Information; Pacer photo by Jared Peckenpaugh 

Graham Stadium prepares for major facelift 

Jared Peckenpaugh 

Sports Editor 

Hardy Graham Stadium, a staple 
in the Martin community for the 
last 50 years, is finally'getting ready 
to undergo a major facelift. 

The project, which will 
include a tour-story addition 
to die existing seating area, is 
expected to be a huge addition 
to the university, as well as to the 
community and West Tennessee. 

T think it's going to be huge 
for this university, and with ill 
due respect 1 drink It goes beyond 
drat," said UTM athletic director 
Julio Frcirc. "I said from due very 
beginning, from die dav diat I got 
here and first learned about the 

project, I think its going to be big 
for West Tennessee.' 

"Hit stadium project, which has 
been delayed twice due to funding 
problems, was in danger of being 
delayed a third time. However, 
when die bids were made public 
at a meeting in late September, it 
was announced that Allen Searcy 
Builder Contractor, Inc. had 
accepted die bid for 15,5 million, 
well below the £6 million target bid, 

The stadium project renovations 
officially began on Monday, with 
the cleaning out ol all die btiildings 
that are scheduled to be torn down. 
According to Frcire.thc currentgoal 
is to demolish all ol tire buildings 
that eunendy lie underneath the 
stadium before Tnanksgiving. This 
includes the concession stand, 

both the visiting and officials’ 
locker rooms anJ the restrooms. 
Demolition ot the current press box 
is scheduled to begin die week of 
Nov. 30 and it will be completely 
removed by mld-Dccenaber. That 
will also be when the foundation 
work of the new facility will begin. 

If everything goes according 
to schedule, die new facility is 
expected to be complete by early 
to mid-August, plenty of dime 
before UTwl's first game against 
Tennessee Tech on Sept. 24. 

The four-story addition to the 
stadium will include a statc-of- 
the-art visiting team locker room 
and visiting officials' locker room 
on the first floor. Tic first floor will 
also feature a spacious, plaza-like 
area underneath the grandstands 

and new fan accommodation areas 
and revamped concession stands. 

Tl re second floor will feature 
four classrooms that will be used 
by the College of Agriculture. 

The third floor of the facility 
will include a dub level area for 
donors to the university and 
athletic department, The area 
will include climate control 
seating, TVs, couches and 
buffet and drink services. 

The fourth floor is designated 
for media. It will include a press 
row for working media, radio 
booths for the home, visiting 
and student radio stations, a PA 
announcer box and the home 
and visiting coaches boxes. 

Tie seating are will also 
receive a much-needed iacclitt 

as well, Tie current bleachers 
are expected to be removed and 
the existing concrete stands will 
be refurbished. New seating wlU 
be installed in the new stadium, 
including more chairback seats. 

Overall, the new project is 
expected to be a positive tor fans 
and the Skyhawk football team, 
according to Frcirc. 

"Its going to be a tremendous 
recruiting tool for football, 
it's going to be a tremendous 
gameday experience for allot West 
Tennessee and all of Skyhawk 
Nation,' said Frcirc. "Tic football 
program will also benefit, not only 
front a re c mi ting perspective, but 
on a day-to-day basis being able 
to use those classrooms as sonic of 
their learning centers." 

November 19,2015 



Statewide News Briefs 

Associated Press 

Haslam: Health Department now tracking 
fetal tissue disposal 

A letter to lawmakers from Gov, Bitl Haslam says the state Health 
Department Is now requiring physicians who perform abortions to 
document how die fetal tissue is disposed of. 

The change comes after lawmakers in August slid they wanted the 
department to have more authority to track fetal tissue, Tire hearing was 
in response to hidden-camera videos that raised the question of whether 
Planned Parenthood officials in other states were profiting from die sale 
of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood Iras said it did nothing illegal 
Tic sale of fetal tissue already was illegal in Tennessee! but lawmakers 
were concerned drat sales could be happening anyway: 

Haslams Letter says the I kalth Department also has made it easier for 
the public to file a complaint against a surgery center, 

School board asked to remove Christian 
flag during meetings 

A group has asked die Unicoi Conn tv Board of Education to remove 
the Christian Hag from its public meeting room. 

Tic Johnson City Press reports in a letter to the board dated Nov. ID, 
Freedom From Religion Foundation Staff Attorney Rebecca Markcrt 
objected to the display of the Hag during school board meetings. 

Tic letter tells the hoard that it must immediately remove the Hag. 

“It is unconstitutional for a public school board to display a Hag with 
a patendy religious symbol and meaning at its meetings. You must take 
immediate action and refrain from further display of this flag at school 
board meetings," the letter states. 

Tic Hag has been displayed at the front of the school board meeting 
room at the Central Schools office building, along with the U.S. Hag 
and Tennessee state seal, since at feast 2012, 

School Board Chairman Tyler Engle said Tuesday that the board has 
contacted its attorney, Scott Bennett. 

"We are very carefully evaluating all of our legal options before 
wc move forward with any action, Engle said. "This is a very tense 
situation with a lot of feelings on both sides and we are going to work 
on it." 

T ic FFRF is a national nonprofit organization, 

Tennessee says prison officer assaults 
down year over year 

Tic number of recorded assaults on prison officers is down 
compared with a year ago, but critics say ids hard for them to accept 
any statistics from the Tennessee Department of Correction as fact, 

Tic corrections department says there have been 21 fewer assaults 
since July I compared with last fiscal year, according to data from 
the agency requested by The Tennessean.. Although the overall 
numbers have improved, assaults in September and October of this 
year are up, compared with the same months last year, 

Gov. Bill Haslam and department Commissioner Derrick 
Schofield have consistently said violence is down in Tennessee 
prisons, but the department didn't provide specific data to show 
that trend until Tuesday. Since July 1, there have been 116 recorded 
assaults. Tie re were 147 attacks reported during the same time 
period last year, 

Still, inmates and their families continue to tell lawmakers and 
the media that the prisons are more violent than ever. 

Tennessee House Democratic Chairman Mike Stewart is 
skeptical about the statistics because multiple assaults have been 
previously misreported as lesser provocations, he said, 

"Tie commissioner came before our committee (and) had to admit 
that multiple Incidents of assaults were misreported," Stewart said. 
The public should have no faith at all in the reporting of assaults, 
based on their own commissioner's admissions." 

During a recent audit, the American Correctional Association 
recommended the department scrap its definitions for assaults and 
^staff/inmalc provocations,"saying the definitions leave a "gap."Tie 
department is in the process of examining those definitions to see 
what, if any, changes need to be made. 

Department officials say correctional officers are now more 
accurately recording violent acts. 


League of Striving Artists unveils new mural 

Pace' Photo/Matthew C uteri 

Matthew Cullen 

Co-Executive editor 

The League of Striving 
Artists unveiled their new 
mural located in the Music 
Lounge in the Fine Arts 
building on Nov, 1S. 

The mural was started 
in late September, with 
the League meeting a few 
times a month to paint 
for several hours at a time. 
The time spent painting is 
only a small part of a two- 
year-long process to get the 
mural created. 

Dr, Julie Hill, Professor 
of Percussion at Lf EM, 
approached Jason Stout, 
Associate Professor of 
Art, with the idea when 
construction on the Fine 
Arts building was finished. 
1th as taken two years to get 
the appropriate permissions 
for the mural to be installed, 
1 hough the stark white 
cinder-block walls of 
the Fine Arts building 
could arguably use a little 
color, this mural probably 
wouldn’t have been allowed 
outside of the lounge. 

“Part of the reason we 
were allowed to do this is 

because its in a lounge, it’s 
closed in, it’s not exposed, ’ 
said Stout. 

1 he mural represents in 
a Picasso-esque. style the 
five main em ph ases in the 
Music department: brass, 
strings^ percussion, vocals, 
and piano. It also represents 
the two mu sic-affiliated 
Greek organizations on 

campus. Phi Mu Alpha and 
Sigma Alpha lota, in the 
coats of arms on both ends 
of the mural. 

It was painted by more 
than IS members of the 
League, from officers in the 
organization to First-year 
students. Fhe Final painting 
session was held last Friday 
and lasted nearly IQ hours, 

£*■ Uuyui'u. 

Month of December 


$5 Vehicle / *10 Bus 

(Tax Included) 


sponsored by: 

830 Cvsnatt Blvd 
Union City,TN 38201 
disco very parkotamcrica. com 


November 19,2015 


Page 9 

Arts & Entertainment 

Lil Wayne serves up No Ceilings 2 for the holidays 

Baniana Woods 

Ar h & Entertainment Ed tor 

Hip-hop superstar, Dwayne 
“Lil Wayne Carter, has 
announced the release date 
for his latest mix tape, No 
Ceilings 2. The rapper took 
to his Twitter account to let 
fans know that it will drop on 
Thanksgiving Day, 

No Ceilings 2 will be a 
follow-up to bis mbetape, No 
Ceilings, released; October 31, 
2009, It included hit songs: 
"Single”, "Watch my shoes” 
and "I gotta fee ting. 11 

Mix tapes are dine rent fro in 
a traditional album; artists will 
take beats to songs that have 
already came out and record 
their own lyrics over the 
track. They arc also free lor 
everyone to download from 

websites such as Livcmixtapcs 
or Datpiff. While a track list 
for No Ceilings 2 has not been 
released yet, there has been 
Youtube videos of Lil Wayne 
rapping over Drake and 
Future s "Where you at?” and 
Drake's "Back to Back,." 

Waynes fans have been 
anx ious to hear new m usk 
from him since he publicly 
started feuding with long¬ 
term business partner, Bryan 
' B i rd ma n' Wi I lia ms. 

Together the two built an 
empire, 'YMCMB’, short for 
Young Money/Cash Money 
Billionaires, but earlier this 
year Lil Wayne vented on 
Twitter how he wanted to 
leave Cash Money and take 
his Young Money artists with 
him, after the label refused to 
release bis album, The Carter 
5 , 

He tweeted, "1 want off this 
label and nothing to do with 
these people but unfortunately 
it ain't that easy." 

According to the Billboard 
website, he has reportedly 
filed a S5l million lawsuit 
against Birdman and Cash 
Money for keeping bis career 

Lit Wayne released Free 
ffieezy Album for free in July, 
where lie furthered expressed 
his frustration with being 
bet raved bv Birdman, who also 

J' t ■ 

played a father figure to the 
rapper. Birdman discovered 
Wayne at the age of 15 in 
New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Despite the drama, fans 
arc excited to hear what Lil 
Wayne has been working on. 
What else can you ask for on 
Thanksgiving besides good 
food and good music? 

YOUNG MONEY presents 




Phoio Credit f 

Glamour catches heat from social media 

Should there 
be a reality 
television rehab? 

Baniana Woods 

AjrfsA Entertaiinmsnfi Eefrtar 

There are so many shows 
that come to mind tv hen you 
think of realitv TV, such as 
Cops t MTV's J Real World, 
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, 
Little People, Big World and 
The Bachelor. W c all seem 
to be guilty of falling into 
the reality TV show frenzy 
regardless ii we wanted to 
or not. 

Google’s definition of 
reality TV is "a television 
program in which real 
people are continuously 
filmed, designed to be 
entertaining rather than 

While most people 
criticize reality shows saying 
"They’re all scripted,'’ an cl 
"Who cares what thev 


arc doing with their life?” reported, 
"More than ever, reality 
TV is an enormous part of 
American culture.” 

Statistics show that 
Americans spend one-third 
of their tree time watching 
television, and 67 percent of 
the programs watched arc 
reality shows. 

Reality television takes us 
away from our everyday lives 
and places us into someone 
elsc's reality. Families all over 
have added reality shows to 
their weekly TV schedules 
because we can not seem to 
stop watching them, 

Realitv shows can be 
categorized by different 
genres, such as adventure, 
dating, dance competitions, 
celebrities' daily life, court 
shows and make-over 

According to, 

the top five reality shows 
based oil ratings are: 
American Idol (2002), The 
Amazing Rate {2001}. Face 
Off (2011), Hell's Kitchen 
(2005), and Keeping Up with 
the Kardashians (2 007), 

The shows listed have 
been popular since they 
were released years ago and 
are still popular today. All 
except Keeping Up with 
the Ka roush ia os h ave new 
seasons coming out. Now, 
the Kardashian Klan have 
their own, separate spin-off 
reality shows, 

“I have finally accepted 
that reality shows arc 
addictive, It gets to the 
point where I have them 
added on the DVR schedule 
to be recorded because 
missing an episode makes 
me feel so incomplete, 
(laughs) From shows like 
Love and Hip Hop to Bring 
It! , 1 can’t get enough of 
them. It’s almost like a 
modern day soap opera with 
no script, [ust action,'" says 
senior Health and Human 
Performance major, Zakiya 

The first reality show 
was released in 1973 on 
PBS entitled An American 
Family and since then 
reality TV has became a 
popular genre for television 

As the number of re ality 
sbow r s increase, so does the 
number of viewers tuning in 
to watch. 

Reality TV has created an 
entire new wav to watch TV. 
The half-hour to hourlong 
shows gives us something to 
look forward to weekly, and 
most of us will watch the 
reruns forever. 

Baniano Woods _ 

Entertainment Editor 

Glamour magazine is being 
criticized by people all over 
the world after announcing 
Caitlyn jenner as one of the 
25 women to receive their 
'Women of the Year' award. 

For many years, Caityln 
Jenner was known as an USA 
Olympic winner and reality 
TV star, Bruce Jenner. Earlier 
this year Jenner decided he 
was no longer going to be 
something he did not want to 
be, a man. 

However, the 6b year-old 
transgendcr did not undergo 
genital transformation 

surgery, which brings up a 
huge debate. How can he be 
a woman? 

According to Breitbart, 
com, ladies arc protesting 
Caitlyn Jcnner's nomination 

as grossly unfair, considering 
she has little to no experience 
ol being a woman. Many 
woman find it insulting to say 
the least, being that Caitlyn 
hasn’t done anything as a 
woman to be called Woman 
of the Year'. 

"There is more to being 
a woman than hair, breast, 
dresses and makeup. I'm 
not against the LGRT 
community, but this award is 
a slap in the face to all the 
women who are better fit for 
the title", says sophomore 
undeclared major Jayecc 

Also offended by Glamour 
Magazine decision, a 
husband whose wife died 
in 9/11 and was honored 
with Glamour magazine’s 
"Woman of the Year' in 2001, 
has decided to send his wife's 
award back. 

He told The New York 
Post, "At a time when we 
have women in the armed 
forces fighting and dying 
lor our country, heroic 
doctors fighting deadly 
diseases, women police and 
firefighters putting their lives 
on the line for total strangers, 
brave women overcoming life 
threatening diseases ... the 
list of possibilities goes on ,,, 
is this the best you could do?” 

Many women feel this is 
another way to say "Men arc 
better than women," even 
better at being a woman. 

Regardless of all the 
criticism, Glamour Magazine 
sticks with their decision to 
honor Jennc r with the award. A 
spokesperson for the magazine 
stated, "Glamour's Women 
of the Year Awards recognize 
women with a variety of 
backgrounds and experiences."' 

Moviegoers excited for Hunger 
Games: Mockingjay Part 2 

M a ric h Whitney 

G u esf W.nter 

The Hunger Games: MocMmyay 
Part 2 will he in theaters on Nov. 
20. It is the must-see movie of 
the fall. 

For many years, we have 
watched Katniss Evcrdeen, 
played by Jennifer Lawrence, 
fight against President Snow 
and forced to particiate in his 
twisted Hunger Games. For 
many years, the people of Panem 
have been forced to sacrifice 
their children and watch them 
kill and be killed in the annual 
"games. ' Now, the people arc 
rebelling with Katniss as their 

For those unaware, The 
Hunger Games is a popular 
trilogy written by Suzanne 
Collins that has made its way 
to the. silver screen. Katniss 
Evcrdeen is a young girl that 
is good with a bow and arrow. 

She took her sister's place in 
the Hunger Games and along 
with her friend Pecta MclLirk, 
played by Josh Hutcherson, 
defied President Snow and won 
the Hunger Games. Since then, 
we have watched the uprising 
and seen Katiniss become the 
Mockingjay, the symbol of the 

In Mockingjay Part f we saw 
Katniss take refuge in District 
13 after escaping the last 
Hunger Gaines and her home 
was destroyed. District 13 is the 
hidden district thought to be 
lost. They are led bv President 
Alma Coin. After seeing the 
devastation, Katniss agrees to be 
the Mockingjay, and President 
Coin uses her to create 
propaganda, However, Katniss 
was not satisfied with the 
standing lines. She ivanted to 
help the people in the districts 
and save Peeta. 

Pecta had been captured 
at the end of Catching Fire 

by President Snow and was 
being held in the Capitol, 
After pressing her friends 
and President Coin, a covert 
mission to save Pecta and 
the other Victors was made. 
However, they found that Pecta 
had been hijacked, brainwashed 
and poisoned against Katniss, 
At the end of Mockingjay Part 
I, we leave Katniss after she was 
nearly choked to death by Peeta 
as President Coin celebrates 
her victory. 

Now Katniss wall face the 
greatest Hunger Games in 
Mockingjay Part 2. Katniss, 
along with her team, must 
invade the Capitol in order to 
bring the war to an end. The 
farther they advance into the 
Capitol, the more traps they 
face, much like those seen in 
previous Hunger Games. The 
people have risen, and now it 
is time to watch Katniss take 
down the Capitol in the final 
Hunger Games. 

November 19,2015 


Page 10 

Arts ^Entertainment 

Goods for gamers 

Phota Csedrt t pr&stewaminet'com 

Hot new Steam Controller 
has some really cool options 

Prepare for war 
in ‘Fallout 4' 

Matthew Cullen_ 

Executive Edifcv 

There is a divide in the 
gaming community between, 
people who prefer to use 
a keyboard and mouse 
and the people who prefer 
controllers. Valve, developer 
of the Team Fortress, Left 
4 Dead and Counter-Strike 
.series, has attempted to 
bridge that gap with their 
new Steam Controller, which 
came out on Nov. 10, 

What makes this controller 
unique is that instead of 
having two analog thumb- 
sticks like on the Xbox and 
Playstation controllers, the 
Steam Controller has two 
large track pads for your 
thumbs, similar to those 
found on a laptop. It sounds 
odd, but it strangely works. 

Although the controller 
works with games that 
already have pre-existing 

settings for, say, an Xbox 560 
controller, its true strength 
is in its customization 
and compatibility. Every 
button on the controller is 
customizable, and several 
have many different options 
to choose from. The left track 
pad, tor instance, can function 
as a D-pad, a track pad, an 
analog stick, a click wheel 
(like the old iPods) and more. 
You also have the option of 
using haptic feedback [kind 
ot like rumble} on several of 
the pads and triggers. 

All of these custom controls 
work on a per-game basis, 
which gives you yet another 
level of customization and 
personalization with your 
games.Though it may be a pain 
to have to set your controls 
every time you play a game 
for the first time, you have the 
option of downloading user- 
created control schemes from 
other Steam users. Every game 
I tested with the controller had 

a usable control scheme set up 
by someone else, and I rarely 
had to bother changing things. 
1 tested several types of 
ames on the controller, 
hooters worked well and, 
to me, felt more accurate 
than using an analog stick. 
Platformer games worked well 
using either the left track pad 
as a l.)-pad or using the analog 
stick. Arcade games, like Pae- 
Man Championship Edition 
DX and Geometry Wars were 
really tun to play with the dual 
track pads, Racing games were 
much more fun to play because 
steering cars with a keyboard 
is not tun at all. 

Overall, I really like the 
Steam Controller. It's not a 
perfect device; there were a 
few times when the custom 
controls didn’t want to work 
at first, hut most ot the time 
it worked really well. For 
someone who plays a lot 
of PC games, this is a cool 
thing to have. 

Matthew Cullen 

Executive Edrtor 

Fallout 4 begins unlike 
the rest of the games in the 
series. In this game, you start 
playing before the Great War 
of 2077, not after. You get 
to sec what life was like in 
the retro-futuristic alternate 
history world of the games. 
Cars running on nuclear 
power, robot butlers and civil 
servants and a very strong 
anti-Communist vibe are 
present as you play the first 
part of the game. 

I won't spoil anything, but 
the rest of the game takes 
place In the year 2287, more 
than 200 years after dozens 
of atomic bombs destroyed 
the U.S. You play as a Vault 
Dweller, someone who lives 
in the giant underground 
fallout slickers that were 
used by civilians to survive 
the war. Players arc immersed 
into the remnants ot war- 
torn Boston, and you can 
visit many iconic Locations, 
such as Fenway Park (where 
there is now a city built on 
the baseball diamond), the 
Massachusetts State House 
and the Boston airport. 

One ot the new features 
in the game is that you arc 
allowed to build settlements, 
recruit settlers, and defend 
your settlements from raider 
and Super Alutant attacks. 
It's a really fun addition to 
the series, and l ended up 
spending a good chunk of 
my time building up my little 
towns. You build defenses and 
grow your settlement using 
materials found in all ot the 
items that, in previous games, 

were just junk, I overloaded 
myself with aluminum cans, 
spoons, and cot fee mugs 
more than once just to build 
my generators, power tines, 
and defensive walls. It's 
re ally cool that all of the junk 
I passed over in the edder 
games now has a use. 

Fallout 4 uses an updated 
version of the Creation 
engine, the same engine 
behind Elder Sera I Is V: 
Skyrim , and basically just a 
heavily-modified version of 
the Gamcbryo engine used in 
Elder Scrolls IV; Oblivion and 
Fallout .jf The engine still has 
a lot of the same quirks and 
bugs that arc present in all of 
the other games, like falling 
through the floor. This time 
around, though, developer 
Bethcsda seems to have at 
least fixed some of the bugs 
that caused previous games 
to crash nearly every 20 
minutes. I have played Fallout 
4 for around 40 hours, and it 
has only crashed on me twice. 
It doesn't sound like much, 
but this is a big deal it you've 
frequently lcfSt progress in 
the other games. 

The graphics are good, 
but not great for 2015. The 
animations are still stiff and 
awkward, just as in all other 
Bethcsda games. The dialogue 
choices are over-simplified, 
and you often don't know what 
your character will say from 
the labeled option ("Sarcastic * 
could mean anything). But 
still, Fallout 4 does a lot of 
things right. I really enjoy 
this game a lot, and 1 would 
recommend it to people who 
enjoyed Fallout 3 and New 
Vega j. 

Travel to a galaxy far, far away in ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ 

Chance Farmer 

Co-Executive Editor 

For the past two years, the 
game developers at Electronic 
Arts have been teasing gamers 
with mere glimpses ot Star IVan: 
EattlefrcnL the first game E_A. 
has developed since the company 
bought the license to make Star 
Wirs games from Lucas Arts. 
Finally, gamers can get their 
hands on the much anticipated 
game, but is it worth \t't 

E.A, has made sure to 
distance themselves from the 
original Battlefront scries that's 
last installment was released 
in 2005, calling their game "a 
reboot," Players will notice little 
to no similarities between the 
original series and the new game. 
Instead ot the class system with 

predetermined weapons and 
abilities that the original scries 
had, Battlefront has a point 
system to purchase new weapons, 
abilities and customization 
options for the player's character, 
much like that of (Sail of Duty or 
E.A.'s Battlefield. While that is 
a way to distinguish this game 
from the original, it almost feels 
generic, like having Battlefield 
with a Star Wan texture pack. 

Also, unlike the original 
Battle fro sit scries, the game is set 
entirely in the Galactic C ivil War 
from die original trilogy. While 
many don't like the p re quel 
trilogy, the original Battlefront 
scries offered far more maps, 
vehicles, characters and abilities 
because it did include the prequel 

"The game’s graphics look 

absolutely stunning. E.A. put 
excruciating detail into tlic 
design of all the characters, 
vehicles and maps. It looks like 
you're actually i n the middle of a 
Star Wars movie. The music also 
adds to that effect. All music in 
the game is by John Williams 
and comes from the original Star 
Wars trilogy. 

The game offers quite a few 
more game modes than the 
original series did. One of 
the early favorites are Walker 
Assault, where players can either 
try to beat back the onslaught of 
Imperial Storm troopers, or crush 
the Rebellion with the giant 
AT-AT walker. Another quick 
favorite is Fighter Squadron, 
where players take to the skies 
in X-wings and TIE Fighters 
to shoot each other out of the 

sky and protect their factions 
support ships. 

The game also lets you play 
as the heroes and villains from 
Star Wan we all know and love, 
such as Luke Sky walker, Dartb 
Vadcr, Princess Leia, Emperor 
Palpatinc, Han Solo and Boba 
Fett. Heroes arc available in 
every game mode: even Fighter 
Squadron, where players can 
ilot the Millennium falcon or 
oba Fctt's menacing Slave 1. 
There are three versions 
of Star Wars : Battlefront that 
are available to purchase: the 
standard edition, the deluxe 
edidon and the ultimate edition. 
The standard edition is basically 
just the game with no extra perks 
and costs §59.99. At £69.99, 
the deluxe edition comes with a 
few in-game perks such as Han 

Solo's blaster available from 
the beginning of the game. At 
S119.99, the ultimate edition is 
the most expensive deal,but for a 
good reason .The ultimate edition 
comes with automatic access to 
the game's season pass content, 
which is normally priced at S5G, 
and players will get access two 
weeks in advance. 

All in all, I had to be very knit- 
pickv with this game because it 
is so much fun. Being a fan of 
the original Battlefront series, 
I was apprehensive about how 
different the game is, but the 
changes are bearable. In the 
end, fans of the original series, 
Star Wars fans and casual 
gamers alike will enjoy this 
game. Star Win: Battlefront 
is definitely a must-buy this 
holiday season. 

November 19,2015 



Dcspiic losing a crucial game 
Saturday night against EIU, the 
UTM football team still believes 
they have a shot at making the 
FCS playoffs, 

With one game remaining, 
a road trip to Cape Girardeau, 
Missouri, to face Southeast 
Missouri State, the Skvhawks 
are aiming to impress the 
committee hetore they make 
their final decision on Sunday, 
Nov. 22, 

Hie Skyhawks believe they 
have a playoff-worthy resume. 
So lar this season, they have 
played two tough Southeastern 
Conference opponents (No. 
22 Ole Miss and Arkansas} 
and own a seven-point loss to 
FCS No. 1 Jacksonville State, 
UTM's only blemishes, a loss 
to EIU last week and a blowout 
win over Bethel, an NAIA 
school. Scheduling a team like 
Bethel instead of another FCS 
opponent could hurt their 
strength-of- sc bcdule. 

Currently the Sky hawks 
arc tied lor third in the Ohio 
Valley Conference with Eastern 
Kentucky with an overall record 
of 6-3 and an GVC record of 
5-2, Hie Skvhawks can finish 
tied for second in the OVC 
with a win against SEMO, but 
they will ncccl some help in the 
Eastern Kentucky Colonels vs 
Eastern Illinois Panthers game, 

II Eastern Illinois wins, then 
the Panthers will seal second 
place in the OVC and the 
Skvhawks will clinch third 
place in the conference. But if 
the Colonels win, it will force 
a three-way tic for second place 
in the conference, ivhsch will 
greatly help UTM's chances 
at getting noticed by the 

"We're nine points away 
from being undefeated in the 
league going into this week, 

Pnato Cn&diti 1 Smarts, tVcumakon 

so I'm going to fight for my 
kids, and I'm going to fight for 
our program just like I'm sure 
Eastern Illinois and Eastern 
Kentucky will tight for theirs 
as well," said UTM head coach 
Jason Simpson, who has only 
made it to the FCS playoffs 
once in his 10-vear career at 

UTM (2006), 

But first, die Skybawks will 
need to pick up a win against 
Southeast Missouri, The 
Redliawks (-1-6, 3-3 OVC) are 
coming into this matchup after 
winning two ol their last three 
games against Tennessee Tech 
(38-17) and Austin Peay (44-15). 

Despite their record, SEA'IO 
has two of the top offensive 
layers in the OVC, running 
ack Trcmane McCullough and 
wide receiver Paul Me Roberts. 

McCullough, a two-time 
OVC newcomer of the week 
award winner, is currently 
73 yards shy of breaking the 
1,000 rushing yards mark this 
season and is currently second 

in the conference in rushing. 
McCullough is also a pass 
threat as well, averaging 23 
receiving yards per game. He 
has 1,309 all-purpose yards this 
year, averaging 120.9 per game. 

McRoberls came into this 
season with a lot of preseason 
accolades. He was named to 
the Prcscason All-OYC list and 
was named an FCS Preseason 
All-American by several sports 
publications, such as USA 
College Football, STATS and 
Phil Steele. Despite having 
to get used to two different 
quarterbacks this season, 
that has not slowed down 
McRobcrts. So far this season, 
he has caught 66 passes for Si3 
yards and seven touchdowns 
(averaging 81.3 receiving yards 
per game}. 

Hlc Skybawks wilt square 
off against Southeast Missouri 
State Saturday, Nov. 21. Kickoff 
is scheduled for 1 pan. from 
Houck Stadium in Cape 
Girardeau, Missouri. 

Skyhawks look to rebound 
after Saturday’s tough loss 

Jared Peckenpaugh 

Sports E difof 

Skyhawk softball adds three to 2016 signing class 

Sports Information 

Donley Canary, head softball 
coach at the University of 
Tennessee at Martin has 
announced the signing of three 
players to softball scholarships 
during the early signing period. 
Hie three players include Reid 
Ballard from Seymour, Gabby 
Zizzi from Cross Plains and 
Samantha Scott from Atoka. 

"Hiesc three young ladies fill 
immediate needs that w r c have 
in our roster for next season and 
in the immediate future," said 
C an ary. 

Ballard is a 5-5 catcher which 
can also split time at the corner 
infield positions. The Seymour 
native propped for head coach 
Jessica Sterling w r hile ranking 
as one of the top hitters in the 
area for the Lady Eagles. In just 

her first two yeans alone, Ballard 
jxjstcd a .352 batting average in 
77 games played while tallying 
74 hits, 16 doubles, nine home 
runs and 64 RB Is e n route to an 
all-county nod as a sophomore. 
She refined her glove during 
her junior season while being 
named Defensive Player of 
the Year along with belting six 
home runs during a three game 

"Reid is a power hitter who 
can catch and play both corner 
infield positions adequately," 
raved Canary. "She has a strong 
throwing arm, block; well and 
lows to compete. She hits with 
power and understands the 
game of softball. Her future is 
bright here at UT Martin." 

2izzi is a 5-4 utility player 
that will see action in both the 
outfield and at second base 

for the Skyhawks. Hlc Cross 
Plains native played for Kevin 
Evans at East Robertson High 
School where she earned All- 
District honors as a sophomore 
before elevating her game to 
All-District and All-Country 
honors as a junior. Along 
with her individual accolades, 
Zizzi helped lead her program 
to three consecutive district 
championships from 2013- 
15 while reaching the state 
tournament as a junior after 
notching a 24-13 record. 

■'Gabby is a player that we 
have watched tor several seasons 
that just keeps getting better and 
better each year," said Canary. 

See Softball, Page 12 

Page 11 

Southeast Missouri 
State Red hawks 
(4-6,343 OVC) 

1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21. 2015 
fouck Stadium, Cape Girardeau. Missouri 
TV: OVC Digital I Jetwork 
Radio. 101.3 WCMT 



















Men A gai nst Breast Ca ncer Classic 
Co rt voo a t\o ft Ce n fer; Ha ms on burg Virgin ia 
Noon, Friday Nov. 20 - Oral Roberts 
6:30 p rn Saturday, Nov. 21 - FIU 
2:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22 - James Madison 

4 p.m. Wednesday i lov 25 - Harris Stowe 
Elam Center, Martin, Tennessee 

Noon Saturday, I lov. 28 - at Mississippi State 
Humphrey Coliseum, Starkviile, Mississippi 

T05 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 1 - atUMKC 
M uriicipal Auditori urn, Kan sas City, Missouri 

2 p.m. Saturday I lov 21 - at Illinois 
Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois 

6 p.m. Wednesday. I lov. 25 - at Southern Illinois 
Sill Arena. Carbondale Illinois 

1 p.m. Saturday, I lov 28 - at Chattanooga 
McKenzse Arena. Chattanooga. Tennessee 

5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Dec. 2 - A-aoama 
EI a m C e nte r, M a ill n, Tenness a e 

8:30 a.m. Saturday I lov 21 - CoastGuard 

November 19,2015 


Page 12 

Photo C re cit/S parte ntcHnortian 

Skyhawks lose close one 
to Arkansas State, 76-74 

Jared Peckenpaugh 

Sports Editor 

The Skyhawk women's basketball team battled 
to the end against Arkansas State, but the 
Skyhawks could not pick up the win as they 
dropped their home opener to the Red Wolves, 


The Skyhawks (1-2) came into this game after 
splitting their season opening two game road 
trip at the Iowa Hawke ye Classic, where they 
defeated North Dakota 34-58 and lost to No. 
23 Iowa 62-56, 

U I’M took control of the game early, jumping 
out to a quick L6-4 lead with three minutes 
remaining in the first quarter, However, an 8-0 
run by the Red Wolves saw them cut the UTM 
lead down to dirce points at the end ol the first 

From there, it was back-and-forth basketball 
for the remainder ol the game. The Skyhawks 
tried to pull away from Arkansas State, but could 
not manage to jump out to anything larger than 
an eight point lead. Eventually, the Red Wolves 
clawed their way back into the game and finally 
took the 32-30 with less than two minutes 
remaining in the first half. 

Arkansas State would then bold onto that lead 
for the remainder ol the first halt and went into 
the locker room at hall time with a 24-32 lead. 

UTM quickly retook the lead in the opening 
minute of the second half but the Red Wolves 
snatched it back, However, Arkansas State could 
not shake off the Skyhawks as they could only 
manage to stretch their lead out to five points, 
The Skyhawks swapped the lead with the Red 
Wolves eight times in the second half 

Eventually, the Red Wolves managed to grab 
the lead and extend it by seven with less than two 
minutes remaining in the game. The Skyhawks 
would eventually fight back and cut the Arkansas 
State lead to two with seven seconds remaining. 

The Skyhawks had an opportunity to cither tie 
the game with a two-point shot or take the lead 
with a 3-pointer, but a costly turnover with three 
seconds remaining squandered the Skyhawks’ 
chances at a win, and Arkansas State escaped the 
Elam Center with a 76-74 win, 

UTM had lour players finish with double- 
digit points. Haley Howard led the team with 22 
points, four rebounds and four assists, She was 
followed by Jessy Ward, who shot all 15 ol her 
points from behind the 3-point arch (5-6), Katie 
Schubert, who tallied 14 points and five assists 
and Daijai Ruffin, who came off the bench and 
scored 13 points and grabbed five rebounds, 

Overall, the Skyhawks shot 51 percent (27-53) 
and shot 56 percent from outside the 3-point 
arch (10-18). U I Ms biggest troubles came from 
the free-throw line, where they shot 67 percent 


Tire Red Wolves were led by Aundrca Gamble, 
who scored 22 points, and Khadija Brown- 
Haywood, who tallied 14 points and eight 

A majority of Arkansas State’s shots came 
in the paint, where they scored 48 ol their 76 
points. Arkansas State overall shot >4 percent 
(33-61), 33 percent Irom outside the J--point 
arch (5-15) and 83 percent from the tree-throw 
line (5-6). Tic Red Wolves also out-rebounded 
UTM 33-24. 

After the game, UTM head coach Kevin 
McMillan talked about his team’s effort. 

''This was one ol the most poorly executed 
games that one of my teams has done in a long 
time,, .That will get fixed, 1 ' said McMillan “What 
I really loved is that the kids never put their head 
down, never quit. We kept battling and battling 
and il they keep doing that we'll fix all ot the 
other stuff.' 

The Skyhawks will return to action this 
Saturday when they take on the Illinois Fighting 
Illini.Tipoff is scheduled for 2 p.m. 

Skyhawks fall to 
86-79 in opener 

Jared Peckenpaugh 

Sports Editor 

Despite rallying from 17 down 
early sn the game, the UTM 
mens basketball team could, not 
close out the game on Monday 
as they fell in their borne opener 
to Bethune-Cookman 86-/9, 

Tl re Skyhawks fill to 0-2 on 
the year after losing their regular 
season opener to Oklahoma 
State at Stillwater, Oklahoma 
72-39. Tie Wildcats, coming 
into this game after defeating 
Trinity College 108-54.improve 
to 2-d as they prepare to travel 
to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 
Las Vegas Invitational. 

Bethune-Cookman started 
the game on a 19-4 run in the 
opening minutes of the game. 
Tie Wildcats were able to carry 
that momentum through the 
first half of the first period, 
taking a 25-9 lead. 

However, die Sky hawks were 
able to cut into the Wildcats’ 
huge lead with the help of three 
straight 3-pointers by Jacolbv 
Motley, Kcdar Edwards and 
Alex Anderson, Tie Skyhawks 
eventually went on a 9-0 run to 
tie the game and finished the 
first half on a 11-1 run and took 
a 34-33 lead into the locker 
room at halftime. 

In the second period, the 
Skyhawks could not pull 
away from the Wildcats, The 
Skyhawks managed to push 
their lead to eight points, but 
a 6-0 Bethune-Cookman run 
quickly erased that UTM lead, 
UTM was able to stretch their 
lead again to seven points 
midway through the second 
per iod, but the Wildcats quickly 
responded again with an il-5 
run to retake the lead 63-59, 

Tic Wildc ats managed to ho Id 
onto the lead for the remainder 
of die ballgame, UTM was 
not able to mount e nough of a 
rally and eventually fell to the 
Wildcats, 86-79 

“[Bethune-Cookman] were 
tougher than we arc." said UTM 
head coach Heath Sc hr oyer 
after the game, "We're a really 
soft basketball team and Fm 
more than disappointed in our 
gj'it and our toughness. We 
didn't close out the game." 

"Were going to get to work 
tomorrow but we got a really 
long way to go. We' re just a 
realty bad basketball team right 

TIlc Skyhawks finished the 
game shooting 44 percent from 
die field (26->9) and 43 percent 
from 3-point range (13-30), 
Tlc Skyhawks did not shoot 
well from the free-throw line, 
shooting 56 percent (14-25}. 

Senior forward Twymond 
Howard led the Skyhawks in 
scoring with 18 points and 
also tallied eight rebounds and 
four assists. Newcomer Jacolby 
Mobley,coming off'his 19 point 
game against Oklahoma State 
on Friday, finished with 17 
points and four rebounds. 

Rcdshirt junior guard Jordan 
Potts played all 40 minutes for 
the Wildcats and finished with a 
team-high 25 points, including 
a couple of clutch 3-pointers 
that helped the Wildcats retake 
the lead midway through the 
second half, 

UTM's next game is on Friday, 
Nov. 20, against Oral Roberts 
University in game one of the 
Men Against Breast Cancer 
Classic held in Harrisonburg, 
Virginia. Tipoff" is scheduled for 


from Page 11 

"She can play both second and 
the two comer outfield positions 
while presenting above average 
arm strength. She also runs 
very well and hits from the left 
side, Our biggest challenge as a 
coaching staff will he to decide 
what position she helps the 
team the most in her collegiate 

Scott is a 5-10 pitcher from 
Mu nford High School where 
she propped for lie ad coach Glen 
Goulder and Tony Reed. Site 
helped lead Munford to a pair of 
state tournament appearances as 
both a fre shman and sophomore. 
During her sophomore year, 
Scott helped lead her team to a 
30-13 record and a spot in the 
state quarterfinals while posting 
a 22-8 mark and driving in 24 
runs. Tie Cougars finished 
24-17-1 during 2015. falling 

just short in the sectional. Her 
individual accolades include 
being named to the All-District 
team three times while being 
tabbed a Memphis Commercial 
Appeal Best of Preps finalist 
in 2014. She posted her best 
individual performance with 
nine innings, 13 strikeouts and 
a game-winning two-run home 
run against Brighton, 

"Sam is the freshman pitcher 
we chose for our 2016 signing 
elass, Canary noted, 41 We know 
her future is bright because she 
works hard at perfecting her 
game. Sam has played at an 
extremely high level throughout 
her career playing in many 
national tournaments from 
coast to coast. She will not be 
intimidated by playing against 
older competition in college, 
which is good for us."